Design Assist

From model space to real space

At Riverside Group we offer specialized service through our Design Assist process. Early in the planning stages, Design Assist gives architecture and construction professionals the opportunity to collaborate with us on the development of their projects. Tap into our Design Assist service, and access our extensive material options and technical expertise.

“Riverside Group’s Design Assist process was invaluable to our success both in design and construction. We collaborated with them very early in design to establish a dialogue about intentions, performance criteria and obstacles. Their technical leadership is why the finished product is so beautiful resolved.”

– Westlake Reed Leskosky

1. Design Assist / Schematic Design

Early in the Schematic Design phase, we collaborate with your design team on the conceptual aspects of the project, working interdependently to explore surfaces, systems and budgets, including:

  • Facade conceptualization
  • Material possibilities
  • Finish options
  • Sustainability objectives
  • Quantity analysis
  • Budgeting
Top view of stairwell at Broad Art Museum in Lansing, Michigan. Zaha Hadid Architects, architectural wall system by Riverside Group. Photo by Paul Warchol.
Custom detail from Broad Art Museum staircase. Architectural wall systems by Riverside Group.

2. Design Assist / Design Development

Building on the Schematic Design, the design and construction team moves from concept to the establishment of clear objectives for the facade. In this phase, the team finalizes materials, finishes, systems and pricing. To achieve this, Riverside Group and the design team:

  • Refine materials through sample evaluation and technical review
  • Analyze palette of finishes
  • Establish performance objectives
  • Study standard and custom system designs
  • Construct mock-ups
  • Generate 3D models and visuals
  • Finalize sustainability and LEED objectives
  • Generate wall sections, details and specifications based on design conclusions
Architectural mock up for The One, Toronto, Ontario. Architectural envelope systems by Riverside Group.

Visual mockups for One Bloor West, Toronto.

Mockup for custom architectural panel system by Riverside Group.

Column base cladding mockup for One Bloor West, Toronto.

Mock up for custom architectural wall system by Riverside Group.

Feature cladding mockup for George Brown College – Limberlost Place.

3. Design Assist / Systems Fabrication

At the fabrication phase, our team develops each element according to its particular characteristics. Each piece is carefully designed through meticulous shop drawings, 3D models and custom designed facade software. Skilled craftsmen and automated fabrication equipment provide a strong foundation for our high level of accuracy and renowned quality.

technical drawing
3d drawing
3D printer
Fabrication of custom architectural envelope panel at Riverside Group.

4. Design Assist / Installation

In this phase, the design collaboration advances to the building stage, bringing to realization the personalized nature of each project. In-depth planning with the entire construction team addresses and resolves project schedules, coordination and constructability issues.

Detail of sample installation diagram by Riverside Group.
Installation of custom architectural panel system at 100 Queens Quay, Toronto by Riverside Group.
Installation at Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital. Toronto. Architectural panel system by Riverside Group.